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Swinburne Online

Director of Photography

At first, the idea of shooting interviews without a reliance on accompanying B-roll seemed completely foreign to me, but when you're working with creative talents like Directors Ed Howley and Marc Verna (and the excellent bunch of humans at Poppet) you quickly understand that there's a larger plan in play, and a well-considered vision that will see it all come together in the edit.

How? With the innovative blend of old-school and new-school photography Thom Rigney is able to provide.

While the bulk of my contribution would be angle-finding and lighting of interviews — with a little B-roll thrown in — there would be no shortage of moments to appreciate what great stills can do for a campaign, and that could not be more obvious than in the resulting edits, where fast-paced sequences of images come to life with meticulous sound design layered harmoniously underneath.

A special shoutout to Mark Kobakian for his high quality additional camera-work.

Here is just a selection of our finished products:

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