A bit about Andy

NASA and Professor Oak must not have seen my applications so here I am, doing something more creative and for me, even more fun.​ I've been creating with cameras for more years than I can count, and there truly is nowhere I'd rather be than behind a lens. The incredible variety of amazing people and places this craft introduce me to will never be taken for granted.

Australian-born, British-raised, I returned to the land daan unda some years ago and loved it more than enough to stay. So when I'm not exploring more of this beautiful green and blue orb, I'm home in Melbourne, equipped at all times with sunglasses and a raincoat.

I'm an absolute gadget geek, and as the lady in the fourth photo will attest—an abundant source of groan-worthy humour.

Want to chat? I'm the opposite of scary. Hit that little chat bubble in the corner, or send me a message.