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Director of Photography

There are many ways to demonstrate the durability of a product, but perhaps none more attention-grabbing or exciting than by pitting it against a monster truck, excavator or plumeting wine barrel. It's an enormous priviledge to get to shoot one of these cartoonish stunts, let alone all three!

With no stone left unturned regarding visual requirements, we set about choosing the best equipment. Ultimately, to produce the best value for our client's money it was the Freefly Ember that would be selected to capture the all-important slo-mo shots for each spot. With its high-resolution capture at more than 800 FPS were able to confidently slow down clips by a staggering 32 times without loss of quality. For wides at each end of the edits the resolution and dynamic range flexibility of the RED Komodo 6K again proved itself to be a dependable choice.

BTS Stills by James Tan


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