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Halliday Wine Companion

Stills Photographer

Aerial Video

B Camera Operator

Working with James Halliday and the Wine Companion team alongside director Marc Verna over the last few years has been an unbelievably enjoyable, educational and rewarding experience. Our coverage of the Wine Companion Awards as well as many other key pieces of annual content has taken us to some of Australia's best wineries and most breathtaking regions, teaching us just how much expertise, intergenerational planning and hard work is in each bottle we drink.

For each of the awards this year we were tasked with visiting the winner, the recording of an acceptance speech, as well as producing a catalogue of B-roll and stills from which to cut an awards evening video and lay out the all-important magazine. Our resourceful team of two on the ground covered directing, camera, lighting, sound and stills to ensure a high-value product with a carefully managed budget and minimal interruption to our host wineries.


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