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Melrose Health

Director of Photography – Studio Shots

The brief for my part in the creation of this bright and fun digital spot was to light and shoot a precisely planned pack shot for this most orangey-yellow of natural substances, the Aussie pronunciation of which still confounds me to this day!

Designed by the creative minds at TRP to be primarily 3D animated, the challenge was to provide ultra high quality footage for the animation duo at Kitset Grafix to cleanly transition to. We addressed this with the use of the RED Komodo’s high resolution and phenomenal colour rendering, meticulously fine tuning the light to match our references.


Marc Verna

Director of Photography

Andrew Poole

3D Animation

Kitset Grafix (Stafford Wilson & Ted Adair)


Melrose Health

Head of Marketing

Belinda Groves

Creative + Media

TRP Agency


Kyle Ross


John Fazio & Tom Markovich

Account Director

Prue Cumming


Margaret Hooper

Media Director

Donna Ross

Digital Director

Stephen Jemison

A vertical cut-down was also produced for use in digital signage in shopping centres.


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