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Director of Photography

For those seeking a downsizing solution at the top end of the market, Kincrest offer exquisite apartment living with attention paid to every conceivable detail. And while the product and service offering is sure never to disappoint, some work remained to help couples to envision their lives on the other side of this lifestyle transition, and to alleviate their biggest concerns before making the move.

To address this, Tom and Kim of the Kincrest team and I set about shooting interviews with clients past and present from which we would then create a hero film and social cutdowns to share just how worthwhile and stress-free the journey can be.

Client: Tom Howgate, Kincrest

Producer: Kim Venzke, Tom Howgate

Director/DP: Andrew Poole

Gaffer: Hamish Rayner

Sound Recordist: Jack McCulloch

Music/Mix: Nick van Cuylenburg

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