Truly effective video content starts with a hand-picked team.

The medium of video didn't exactly sneak up on us overnight — it's been morphing and changing for decades, finding its way to us through a variety of screens and services now so diverse it can seem impossible to keep up. For our personal and collective brands we're now required to be savvy with the process of high quality video content creation, or to find people who are.


Sometimes all our project needs is a quick and adaptable videographer. At other times it is essential that everything be carefully conceived, planned and executed by a purposefully selected team—and a whole load of equipment.


With my clients it all begins with a hello and a super-informal chat. We can then assemble around us the absolute best talent within budget to bring our ideas to life—both behind the camera and in front.


Whatever the requirements, we can work together to tailor your solution, sharing the journey at each turn.

When you feel ready to chat, hit the little chat bubble in the lower corner, or send me a message.


What about me?

Sometimes you just need a guy called Andy, but what's he useful for? Here are the on-set roles I'm most often hired for:


You're bound to have questions

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