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QuickFit Ultimate Bench

The entrepreneurial spirit is rarely more visible than during tough times, when those with the ability to adapt and innovate really shine. So when the team behind a series of successful health and fitness clubs were met with a global pandemic, they immediately set about finding customers where they could now be found — in their own homes.

While phase one of this expansion was already well underway with the QuickFit Workouts app, an even more ambitious component of the new product offering was being developed — equipment for a suite of workout types in a single package. It would become known as QuickFit Ultimate Bench, and after all the R&D that manufacturing demands, the only thing that remained was a marketing push of equal vigour.

Returning to commercial director Marc Verna, the team began in earnest on the content deliverables, and when the time came I was approached to get behind both the video and stills cameras for a huge day in two parts — at the gym and at home, to capture the range of activities this extraordinary product enables.

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