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Aurum Poultry Co

Director of Photography

Top tier restaurants aren't known for compromising on the quality of their ingredients and so it follows that outstanding meats would be a must-have in preparation for each service — but as a discerning chef where do you source such produce? Well if it were a secret before, it certainly isn't now.

Director: Marc Verna & Andrew Coyle

Producer: Marc Verna

Director of Photography: Andrew Poole

Client: Aurum Poultry

Production Company: WeBelieve Content

Post-Production: Marc Verna

Gaffer: Hamish Rayner

1st AC: Bailey Quinn

Food Stylist: Gemma Smith

Sound: Beau Oakley

Production Runner: Keegan McLaughlin

Colourist (Studio TVC Only): Max Beech

Composer: Tristan Barton


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