I know cameras, you know you. Let's tell a story worth sharing.

Video content is fun to make and incredibly effective for communicating just about anything. And while the medium and my clients' needs are always changing, one thing you can count on is that I'm moving with it, excited for each new development.

From here you can see some projects I've been working on and the filmmaking services I'm hired for.

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This is the best opportunity for me to listen and get to know as much as possible about you and your needs while we discuss ideas and prepare to shoot.


This is when all the thinking, playing with ideas and planning pays off, as we take all of the best tools for the job and tick off the shots we need in the most creative and exciting ways.


With all the elements recorded, it's time to cut them down to just the best bits, arrange them in a compelling and engaging way, and prepare the final product for sharing!


When specific roles are required, production companies and agencies count on me for one (or more) of the following:

Director of Photography

Making our subject compelling on camera. Looking after and matching additional cameras and operators if needed.

Camera Operator

Following the Director of Photography's vision to capture our subject from a primary or additional camera angle.

Aerial Pilot & Camera Operator

Safely flying a current-generation drone to create a whole new dimension of cinematic results.


Working with on-screen talent and/or interviewees to find a rapport and comfort-level, then fine-tuning our way to a natural and effective finished product.

Lighting & Sound

Anticipating and listening to the needs of the Director and DP to create beautiful light that matches our needs, or capture high quality sound.

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